Berlin Marathon Training and the Run For All York 10K

It seems like ages since I’ve blogged – probably because it is! A combination of work and various domestic commitments has meant I haven’t had much free time recently, but I just want to post a few words about how my Berlin Marathon training is going.

I decided I needed a new training plan this time around. I’ve previously used the Women’s Running beginner plan for my first marathon (Manchester 2013), then their intermediate one for York (October 2013) and Milton Keynes (May 2014). I felt that if I pushed myself a bit more in training I might come closer to achieving my dream goal of four hours, which would be a Good For Age time. My current PB is 4:07, so I keep telling myself it must be possible! After considering several schedules I eventually settled on the Garmin intermediate plan and have been really enjoying it. Sunday runs start to get longer sooner than on previous schedules, and there is also more speed work. I wasn’t sure whether I’d be up to it, but at just over the halfway point it seems to be going OK so far – fingers crossed, I never get complacent as I know that injury could strike at any time! Post-Milton Keynes I had a little niggle on the top of my left foot that a sports therapist diagnosed as a strained joint. After couple of weeks with just a few short recovery runs it went away and hasn’t reared its head again since, so I hope it stays that way! I’ve been going to Pilates for my core work as there is a class near me on a Monday, which is when my schedule says I should do core stuff. I must admit I do miss my previous Tuesday flow yoga class, but the Garmin plan usually has me doing speed work on a Tuesday and I don’t think my poor old legs could cope with both on the same day as the flow class is quite intense! I have an actual piece of the Berlin Wall on my desk to keep me motivated. My parents lived in Berlin in the 80s and snagged some bits of the wall when it came down.

Having said training is going OK, last Sunday I did the Run For All York 10K instead of a long run. I’ve done this event ever since it started in 2009 – my first ever race – and like to support it because it’s on my doorstep and the Jane Tomlinson Appeal is a great cause. I jogged the couple of miles to and from the start/finish to increase my mileage a bit, but it still wasn’t as much as I should have done. I guess it was a six mile threshold session though! I didn’t think I’d perform very well as I’d already done three speed sessions that week on the marathon schedule. It’s not a great course for a PB anyway, as it has lots of turns and is always pretty crowded, but it is a really scenic route, through the city and along the river. Anyway, I decided to go for it and see what happened, and surprised myself by coming in at 52:30, which isn’t a million miles away from my PB of 51:17, set at the Leeds Abbey Dash in 2012. I’m better at long and steady than short and fast!

 The goody bag was great this year – not only was there a technical t-shirt and a medal, but also some Muscle Milk Protein (as yet unconsumed, so I cannot vouch for its undoubted power) and a Cadbury’s Double Decker. Don’t think I’ve had one of those since about 1980!

The marathon schedule has featured a welcome recovery week this week before things ramp up again next week for the start of Monster Month. Berlin is only seven weeks away on Sunday, a thought that fills me with excitement and nerves at the same time! Oh, and I almost forgot… a few weeks ago in a moment of madness I entered a Facebook competition run by York Sport to win a place in the Yorkshire Marathon. I never expected to win it, but did – and it’s only a fortnight after Berlin! What was I thinking? Now that one definitely won’t be an attempt on four hours, more like an attempt at staying upright!

And the other thing I almost forgot… I am running Berlin for Children with Cancer UK! If you’d like to make a donation to my charity fund you can do so here. Thanks for reading!