Friday Feelgood Five 16.9.16

Here’s my latest Friday Feelgood Five – some of the little things that have made me happy this week.

The Vale of York Half

I love this event! I did it when it was first held two years ago, but was unfortunately unable to do it last year as I was working on the day. When I went back for the second time last weekend it had really grown, and deservedly so. I was only trotting round for marathon training purposes rather than going for it on this occasion, which was actually really enjoyable. As well as bling and chocolate at the end there’s always a really cool t-shirt!


New Socks

I love my Nike Elite compression socks, and have just bought a new pair to wear at the York Marathon in just over three weeks. I tested them at the Vale of York Half and they were as comfy as ever – and a great colour!



I love autumn for many reasons, but one of the main ones is figs – I can’t get enough of them! They remind me of when I once worked in France for a few months during the autumn many years ago, when I’d buy them on the way home from the office. I just eat the whole fruit as it is – delicous!


Baby Food

I’ve been trying to think of some different snacks to eat on the hoof, and recently saw someone on Twitter recommending baby food pouches. My local supermarket was having a baby event recently, so I picked up these special offers. Will report back on the results!

Baby Food

Indian Summer

What about the weather this week?! A final blast of summer before we start with the cold weather, dark nights and slide downhill to (dare I say it) Christmas. Think this is probably the last week I’ll be able to cycle to work without a jacket though!



That’s it! Because living well is sometimes just about enjoying the simple things around us. Feel free to tell me your favourite things this week, I’d love to hear about them. Have a great weekend!