Friday Feelgood Five 2.9.16

Here’s my latest Friday Feelgood Five – some of the little things that have made me happy this week.

Minster to Minster

I was invited to join Ripon Runners on their annual run from Ripon Cathedral to York Minster, which is about 30 miles. What a brilliant day! We were about 40 in number – such a lovely bunch of people and a fantastic run. Tourists in York high-fived us, applauded and took photos as we arrived at the Minster – and we finished off with lunch in the pub! Brilliant. I’m lurking at the back in this photo as I was just a guest.


Celebrating Ability

Celebrating Ability is an annual sports day for disabled people organised by one of my work colleagues, where the whole team helps out on the day. I always find it a humbling and inspiring experience. This year we were privileged to have paralympic cyclist Craig McCann as our guest. Here he is showing us his amazing racing trike!



I love coffee! Although never instant, of course. This used to worry me a bit, but nowadays the thinking seems to be that moderate coffee consumption is a Good Thing – and it also helps sporting performance! This week I’ve been enjoying Morrison’s Signature Colombian, which just goes to show you don’t have to spend a fortune on it.



Sadly, I always get a bit excited when Runners World plops through the letter box. I recently took out a subscription to Trail Running too, and they both arrived on the same day this month! But which to read first? Well, there was an interview with the fab Jo Pavey in RW, so there was no contest on this occasion!


Naughty Nuts

I was recently handed a free pack of The Co-op’s Salted Caramel Nuts in the street a few days ago, so I ate them at work the other day when I had an afternoon attack of runger! It’s basically mixed nuts with chocolate chips and tiny bits of caramel fudge and salty pretzel. Maybe not the healthiest snack option, but very nice and probably better than a choccy bar!



That’s it! Because living well is sometimes just about enjoying the simple things around us.

Feel free to tell me your favourite things this week, I’d love to hear about them. Have a great weekend!