Friday Feelgood Five 9.9.16

Here’s my latest Friday Feelgood Five – some of the little things that have made me happy this week.


Last weekend our team at work took part in the North Yorkshire Sport Netball Challenge. We were pretty bad (coming second to last out of eight) and, never having played netball, I was particularly useless. But it was great fun and we got a nice t-shirt and a hog roast at the end! I’ve always been bad at ball games, but sometimes it makes a nice change to step outside your comfort zone

Netball 1

Viennese Whirls

While I was playing netball my step-daughter, inspired by the Bakeoff, had a go at Viennese Whirls. I have to say they were pretty good, and as I’d run 51 miles, commuted by bike four times and played netball I think I was entitled to indulge!



Autumn chez Shepherd means cyclocross! Not for me, but for the OH who always takes part in the Yorkshire Points Series, which runs from now until January. I’m usually on pit duty and it’s great fun to watch the racing at the same time, shouting out for all the riders I know. It was a great start to the season this week at Skipton.


The North Yorkshire Cookbook

I’m a big fan of local food, so I was delighted when this book was sent to me this week. It’s full of brilliant recipes from lots of restaurants, delis and food suppliers in our area. I’m going to review it and give it away on the blog soon, so watch this space!



Another foray into the kitchen by the step-daughter – I’m all for it! I haven’t eaten tofu since my brief flirtation with vegetarianism when I was a student (again, many years ago!). The SD isn’t a massive fan of meat, so came up with this marinated tofu and nooodle dish, which was great. Not so sure Dad loved it, but he was outnumbered!



That’s it! Because living well is sometimes just about enjoying the simple things around us. Feel free to tell me your favourite things this week, I’d love to hear about them. Have a great weekend!