Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon Meet-Up

So how’s the Yorkshire Marathon training going so far? Are you easing into it nicely… or thinking “My God, what have I let myself in for?”. Are your friends and family fed up to the back teeth with you banging on about tempo runs and whether your knees will hold out? Well fear not – help is at hand!

Myself and personal trainer Babs Shiells, who are both blogging about marathon matters for the York Press, met in the flesh (rather than virtually!) a few weeks ago and thought it would be great to arrange a meet-up event in York for anyone taking part in the Yorkshire Marathon. Nothing formal, just an opportunity to mingle and chat with other runners, get advice on all sorts of running topics and maybe even find a running buddy if you’d like one. Sound good? Then please join us from 7pm next Wednesday, 7th August, at the Holiday Inn on Tadcaster Road in York. Babs will answer your questions about training, I can help you with nutrition, and we’re roping in other experts such as sports therapists and elite athletes to share tips and experiences. Staff from the Sweatshop running store will also be on hand to give advice about footwear and other running kit. Best of all – none of us will ever get bored of talking about marathon training!

  Please don’t be shy about coming along to say hi; there will be all levels of runner there, from beginner to elite. The Holiday Inn has lots of free parking, and if you like you can even go for a run around the racecourse before or after the meeting! Do feel free to come along even if it’s just for a short time. If things go well we may consider holding further sessions in the run-up to the marathon. The event is being supported by the York Press and we’re very grateful to the lovely folk at the Holiday Inn for letting us have a room for the evening.

 Hope lots of you can make it. If not, check out the York Press Yorkshire Marathon web page, where you’ll find lots of inspiration and training advice.

And don’t worry – we’re all in this marathon thing together! 🙂