Race to the Stones Ready?

As I post this, the Race to the Stones 100K is now only a couple of days away. I’ve had this event on my mind since I first became aware of it two years ago and thought it looked amazing. When entry opened late last year I decided to take the plunge and give it a go. It’s more than twice as far as I’ve ever run before and I’ve spent the last six months running as many trails and climbing as many hills as possible to prepare – most recently the Hardmoors Wainstones Half. I actually can’t quite believe Race to the Stones is nearly here!

The Wainstones Half


Our recent holiday in the Pyrenees, when the OH did the Ariégeoise cyclosportive, was a great opportunity to do some hill training, and I got out there as often as I could. It was hot, hard work, but I hope the effort will stand me in good stead for Saturday! Running in the mountains was fantastic, something I’d love to do more of. I met a lovely woman there who runs a trail running B&B with her husband and thought what a fabulous lifestyle that must be. Enough fantasising already!


My fundraising for Cancer Reasearch UK has gone pretty well – I’m now well over the £500 mark and think there’s still a bit more to come in. Thinking of all the lovely family and friends who have supported me will be a great motivator when things get tough on Saturday – which I’m sure they will. I’ve been holding a competition in the office for people to guess my finishing time, and these have varied from 10 hours (in my dreams!) to 19 hours. Hopefully I’ll be somewhere in between!

To be honest I’ve found it pretty hard to think about anything else this week, despite being at work. I’ve made lists of things to pack and carry with me and bought a special squashy drinking bottle with a tube for my Camelbak. I’ve been obsessively checking the weather forecast (obviously) and it looks pretty good at the moment – cloudy but no rain. My legs feel OK at the moment; my dodgy hamstring is behaving, although it could easily kick off on the day. I’m trying not to stress, but just look upon the event as a good day out and not worry too much about finishing time. I guess my main aim is just to finish with a smile on my face! I feel a bit nervous, but not in a bad way. I just want to get on with it!

You can read about my personal reasons for running Race to the Stones for CRUK here and if you’d like to donate the link to my Just Giving page is here.

Good luck to anyone else taking part – come and say hi if you see me there!