Running Plans 2015

It may seem a bit late for a post about running plans for the year when we’re already almost a month into it (Eek! Where did that go?) but it’s taken me until now to make my mind up about a couple of events.

Brrr, it’s the Brass Monkey!

My first event of 2015, the Brass Monkey Half Marathon in York, has already been and gone, and I was quite pleased to get a PB there despite some tricky conditions; you can read my report on that here. I’ve now moved onto my training plan for the Manchester Marathon in April. Last year my training for Manchester went really well, then I got ill the night before, which was so frustrating; hopefully that won’t happen again! You may remember that just before Christmas I was selected to take part in the Runner’s World Asics Target 26.2 bootcamp for a chance to win a trip to the Paris Marathon; more on that here. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I have decided to follow the Asics sub 4 hour marathon plan this time to see if it can finally get me there. Time will tell!

The Asics Bootcamp track session

Along the way I’ve also entered a couple of other events just for fun. The first is the Harewood House Half on 8th February, a trail half marathon that will be the first off-road event I’ve ever done – should be interesting! I’ve been wanting to do some trail stuff for a while now, so this is the first step. Then later in February I’m doing my first ever ten mile event, the Snake Lane 10, which is a road race at Pocklington near York. I’m not really sure how to pace this – somewhere between 10K and half marathon speed I suppose! It’s a really popular event, so I’m looking forward to it.

Later in the year I’ve entered the For All Events York 10K in August, just because it’s in my home town and I’ve always done it, and also couldn’t resist the Yorkshire Marathon again in October. But the most exciting thing for me is that I’ve finally taken the plunge and entered my first ultra – the Calderdale Way Ultra in June. It’s just the short version (to ease myself in) but it does apparently have some big hills in it! I’ve been wanting to have a crack at an ultra for a while now, so can’t wait to see how it will go. Frankly I’m more worried about the navigation than the distance, but I guess that’s all part of the ultra experience isn’t it? I have no expectations here other than finishing within the time limit and having fun.

So those are my plans for the year so far. I’d love to hear about yours.


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  1. Hi Katie, so sorry I’ve only just seen this comment, the system didn’t alert me to it for some reason. It was great to meet you at Pocklington and good luck with your year of halves! x

  2. You have some great races lined up Angela! Impressed that your year includes 2 marathons and an ultra. I am in the middle of a challenge I set myself to run 12 half marathons in 12 months. Started at Robin Hood in Sept – 5 down 7 to go. Doing the Snake Lane 10 too.

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