Running Update – Injury and Inspiration

Well it’s been a funny old time since I last posted on here – in running terms anyway! I initially thought I’d recovered from Race to the Stones pretty well, but it seems I have a niggling little injury that just won’t go away. And all those plans I wrote about in my last post have gone a bit belly up as a result.

I took a week off after RTTS, then just had a couple of very short, gentle recovery runs to ease myself back in, which were fine. However, a couple of weeks later I went for what was supposed to be about an hour of gentle trails in Yearsley Woods, got a bit lost and ended up doing more like two hours – way more than I should have done. (Anyone who’s read my review of the Calderdale Way Ultra will know I’m a bit navigationally challenged!) My left foot was hurting by the end and has been a bit dodgy ever since. Four weeks ago I went to see my physio, who had a good prod and poke and said he didn’t think there was anything serious wrong with it; probably some irritation that just hadn’t had a chance to calm down yet. He said it was fine to run a bit if it felt OK, but it didn’t. After running for about 5 minutes I start to get a bit of pain going up the ankle. The right foot is absolutely fine! I had a couple of runs where I set off but ended up walking after about a mile. Then a friend recommended a sports therapist to me who’d helped him with a problem, so I thought there’d be no harm in getting a second opinion. She thought I had a bit of the dreaded plantar fasciitis and said I should massage the area every day and roll my foot with a spiky ball, which I’ve been dutifully doing. At this point I realised I had to stop fooling myself that I could actually run at the moment and take a couple of weeks off.



I’ve been doing a bit of cycling and core work since then, but (like most runners) I absolutely hate it when I can’t run; especially as autumn is my absolute favourite time of year to get out and about. I can feel myself losing fitness and muscle being replaced with fat and being a bit grumpy at times if I’m honest. It’s a good job I have an understanding husband. On the plus side, I’ve had plenty of time to support him at his cyclocross races, which are great fun to watch.


Cycling. It’s alright, but it’s not running is it?!


So my autumn aspirations are pretty much up in the air for now. I was supposed to be doing the Vale of York Half this weekend, but have given my place to a friend. I’m not entered into anything else this year at the moment, but would love to do the Yorkshire 10 Mile in October. I hadn’t entered an autumn marathon as I really wanted to have a proper crack at going sub-50 for the first time in the Leeds Abbey Dash 10K in November, but I’m not sure I’ll have enough time to get myself back to that level of fitness now. But enough moaning; there are people being killed by hurricanes this week. I’ll just have to wait and see how things go. I’ve come back from injury before and I’ll do it again!

On another note, two other things have been playing on my mind recently. Firstly, whether I should apply for the Boston Marathon when entry opens later this month. It would be great to do but a) it would be a very expensive trip and b) there’s no deferment option if you happen to get ill or injured. With my foot in its current state I don’t know yet whether I’ll be able to train for a spring marathon, so I might have to give this one a miss. I am entered into the London Marathon 2018 through the Good For Age system though, so I guess one solution might be to try and achieve sub-4 there to give me the option of entering Boston next year!


I was also really inspired by seeing all the amazing ultra athletes at the Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc last weekend. The UTMB is the ultimate trail event – over 100 miles with around 10,000 metres of ascent/descent – and the cream of the ultra-running community takes part. The winners finish in around 20 hours, but the cut-off time is 46.5 hours; a gruelling test of endurance, which about a third of the participants didn’t finish this year! I became totally absorbed by the online coverage and amazed by what these athletes achieved. You can’t just enter UTMB, you have to qualify by gaining points in other ultra events. And while I don’t think I’d ever qualify or take part in a million years, I do have enough UTMB points from Race to the Stones to allow me to apply for one of the shorter events during UTMB week, the OCC, which is 56K and mere 3,500 metres of ascent(!) The course looks scary but fabulous. Earlier in the year there is also the Mont Blanc Marathon festival with races of varying distances. I did the 10K there on holiday last year and it was great. I’d definitely love to do more running in the mountains when I’m up to it – hopefully next summer.


By the way, for anyone interested in Race to the Stones, entry for 2018 has just opened. I’d really recommend it as a first 100K as it’s so well organised and supported. I had a brilliant day – you can read my review here. I said never again at the time, but you never know…