Summer, Drinking and Training

Well it looks like summer’s finally arrived – and who doesn’t love summer? Light nights, warm sun, eating outdoors, running free in shorts and vest. All good stuff. But have you ever noticed that there’s something about summer that makes people drink more than usual? And I’m not talking about electrolytes! Booze just seems to be so tempting when the weather’s hot. An ice cold beer or a refreshing gin and tonic after work. Big pitchers of Pimms at all those barbecues. Chilled rosé for Wine Wednesday in the garden. Condensation forming on lovely cold glasses. It all just hits the spot. “Ooh no, it’s a school night. Oh go then, just one.” But one usually leads to another one. And I’m as tempted as anyone. Summer time and the drinking is easy! We all know drinking too much booze is bad for us, but we block out the facts about calories and sugar because booze makes us feel nice.

I used to drink much more than I do now. Then I started running and at some point – I’m not really sure when – training became more important than drinking. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a drink, but I cut down quite a bit. In fact, I became a bit of a lightweight. Sometimes I’d go out and not drink even though I wasn’t driving. Some people find this unbelievable! Friends started calling me ‘sensible’, by which I think they really meant ‘boring’. Then I made some other friends who felt the same as me, and they balanced out the other ones. Nowadays I usually have a couple of glasses of wine on a Sunday evening, when I’ve done my long run during the day. But if I am tempted on a lovely summer evening these are some of my coping strategies.

OK, sometimes only a real drink will do. So instead of opening a standard bottle of wine, when I’ll be tempted to drink about half of it, I’ve started to buy what I call Tiny Wine. My local supermarket sells a huge range of 187ml bottles, and if I have one of these I’ve only drunk one small glass of wine rather than half a bottle. If your local shops don’t stock Tiny Wine you can buy it online.  You can also get cans of pre-mixed drink with spirits in, like gin and tonic, vodka and coke or even Pimms, which also make it easier to stick to just one.

A tip that really helps me – don’t keep white and rosé wine in the fridge. Nobody likes warm white or rosé, so if you have to wait for it to chill before you can drink it, the moment might have passed!

If you’re going to an event where you think you might feel a bit of a party pooper without a proper drink, make a very weak one and eek it out. You can make things like wine spritzers, Pimms or spirits with mixers so weak there’s hardly any booze in them. Not that you should feel you have to do this, but sometimes it’s just easier than having people constantly ask you why you aren’t drinking. Either that or nominate yourself as the designated driver, then you’re totally off the hook!

Sparkling water with ice and a slice is probably my top choice if I’m not drinking booze. I also like a ginger beer or an elderflower cordial with fizzy water. What I sometimes find is that when I get to a party where I’m not drinking I miss it at first, but then once I start chatting to people and enjoying myself I don’t even notice I’m not drinking. I also know I’ll feel clear-headed and have a much better run the next day, which is a massive incentive. Even if you don’t feel hung over, running is always more difficult the day after drinking. I guess for me it’s all about priorities. Occasionally I do have a big night out, but not very often, as it takes me too long to get over it these days! Being hung over also makes me want to eat everything the next day, which is not good. In the end it’s about balance and moderation, like most things. Cheers!

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  1. My hubby and I have stopped drinking this year, mostly for the sake of his wasitline. And it’s working! 1.5 stone lost since September!
    But I know what you mean, sometimes you just *want* a drink. I’ve found it’s not the alcohol I crave, but the taste and the sensation, and also just having something to hold in your hand at parties! I’ve taken to drinking zero alcohol beer – there’re some really nice tasty ones. I like Warsteniner Fresh the best. It has the taste, and the lovely cold bubbly sensation that hits your tongue on a hit day. It really hits the spot for me!

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